What LASER Means?

The word LASER is actually an acronym, that translate to Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is nothing more than a very intense light that, unlike the ordinary light of the Sun or the one from a light bulb, it is monochrome (all on the same light wave) and coherent (photons are all in phase at the same time).

The Mitsubishi ML3015eX machine we use at GIEFFE utilzes the CO2 Laser (carbon dioxide).

the sistem in built with a sealed pipe contained into two mirrors - one semi-transparent - and inside there is a gas mix CO2:N2:He (carbon dioxide, molecular nitrogen and helium at proportions of about 10:45:45).

Through a system of electodes inside a resonator, the gas gets electocuted and the electons stimulated and through a particular phisical reaction they create a light beam. This light beam gets directed, through a series of mirrors, into the cutting head inside which there is a lens that concentrate the LASER ray. It comes out through a nozzle, that varies depending on the material, the thickness needed to cut, and hits the metal sheet cutting it or (with the adjustment of some paramenters) marking it at will to create writings or signs.

(Free demonstration are available in house, you can call the phone number on the top left)

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