The Company GIEFFE was born in 2004 as successor of the former company founded in 1986 from Gaetano Cipolla, who leads us to this day. In 2005 the company moved in Chambave, Aosta Valley, increasing it's production abilities and getting into new market categories.

It has been years since the INOX steel has conquered a primary role into the construction side and into the furniture side. Thanks to it's sturdiness and weather resistence, the INOX steel can be considered an "eternal" material.

Many designers utilize it very often as interior furniture and there are always new windows frames and doors made of this material. the company GIEFFE started following this direction, making our machine park bigger which, together with the workers experience, grants an high grade of quality and high grade of finish on all the products we realize.

We also work in close contact with the JANSEN company, leader in the sector, that gave us the possibility to create high quality windows and doors frame in INOX, for any needs.

Here in GIEFFE, amongst our works, we have important structures such as the Bailif f Tower Helical Stairs in Aosta, the realization of the external stairs of the Sarre Castle (AO), the metallic pyramid of the Quart Cemetery (AO), the interal hall of the Valley Casino in Saint-Vincent (AO), the stairs and balaustrades for Maison Lostan in Aosta and various other works like the museum area in Saint-Martin-de-Corléans, for the Skyway Mont Blanc in Courmayeur (AO) and Champoluc Ayas (AO), for the Aosta Valley Castles of Saint-Pierre and Aymavilles and for the construction of the new multi-storey car park in Aosta.

We are also provided with the high precision LASER CUT system, for perfect and smearless cuts into INOX and mild steel sheets, Alluminium and Zync.

This piece of machinery allows the company to realize construction pieces of any dimension and complexity with extreme precision, for first person works and also for thirds.

Many are the advantages of the laser cut in opposite to other technologies, but first and foremost the possibility to realize complex objects profiles that will not need any further finish as the borders will be perfect and bright.

Through this up to date set up, the workshop is capable to create small, medium and big series for any need and any customer.


The main details of the Laser machine - MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC mod. ML3015eX

  • Size of the usable sheet 3050x1525mm.
  • Weight capability 950kg.
  • Can cut from 0,5 to 25mm

Expecially on thick sheets, this extraordinary machine will cut perfectly and clean, to meet the required needs, in security and quality.

GIEFFE is available to give any further detail and/or a live demonstration in house. To make an appointment you can call the 0166 54.64.54 (opening times 08,00-12,00 - 13,30-17,30) or you can send an e-mail to